1984 – English Illustrated Edition


1984 – English Illustrated Edition

by the French illustrator from the Beaux-Arts, Yoann Laurent-Rouault

George Orwell


296 pages

15,6 cm x 23,4 cm


London, 1984. A ternary world: Eurasia, Estasia, Oceania. A banned freedom of speech. A rewritten and fixed past according to the Party’s wishes. Here is the sinister atmosphere in which Winston, employed at the Ministry of Truth in Oceania, has to ensure that the traces of the former alliance between Oceania and Estasia no longer exist. But this invented amnesia weighs increasingly heavy on him, the lies of the Party eat him up. Although every pleasure is banned and the relationships are controlled, his encounter with Julia is going to lead him to dissidence…

Written in 1948, published in 1949, the famous 1984 by George Orwell asserted its place, over time, as a monument of world literature of the twentieth century. Even as a fictional bible denouncing dictatorship.

Memoria Books, an ever-changing international literary collection, presents its illustrated version of Orwell’s masterpiece.
Illustrated by Yoann Laurent-Rouault, a Master who graduated from the Beaux-Arts in Rennes, you will find a lot of illustrations, half of them being in colour. They will help the reader to dive into the atmosphere described by Orwell, and also enable another reading of the text. Get ready to discover the new face of Big Brother, Julia, and the most surprising : the one of Goldstein…


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